To mark Teacher’s Day 2021, we feature three KLCII alumni members who have completed the Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) and successfully transited into their new careers in the EC sector.

Catherine Ong Ee Ling (PhD in Microbiology)
Before the switch: Senior Research Scientist

After a successful 20-year career in scientific research, she decided to join the EC sector to “give back to society meaningfully through the education of our next generation”.

Catherine has three children and her last job was as a senior member of the research staff at DSO National Laboratories. She loves children and said she could help contribute to impart “moral values and good practices early in young children to groom them to become confident and considerate adults and work towards building a gracious Singapore

Commenting on the WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education  (Childcare) course she completed at KLCII in 2019, she said the KLCII lecturers played an important part in widening her perspectives of preschool education.

 “I gained professional knowledge and practical experience on preschool education, children’s development as well as made many friends in the preschool sector during the course,” she added.

She looks forward to help lead and motivate her team of preschool educators towards excellence in service. At the same time, she hopes to build positive and lasting relationships with families of the children enrolled at the Centre.

Salbiah Binte Ramli (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration -2nd Upper Honours)
Before the switch: Officer in Ministry of Finance

After stopping work at the government ministry, Salbiah worked part-time at as an enrichment teacher at Cherry Kidz Montessori Enrichment Centre, as she had to look after her 18-month-old child and two other children in primary school.

It was having to look after her own children that she realised she had the passion to  teach and nurture young children.

“Before enrolling into the course, I thought a preschool teacher’s role was similar to what I did at home for my own kids. But after studying the course I realised there were many domains, such as research-based child development and child-centric materials that I need to consider, use or reflect on when teaching my class,” said Salbiah.

She said she has learned a lot from her WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Childcare) course at KLCII, including the good practices of other preschools through sharing from her course mates, which helps to enhance her children’s learning. Salbiah said her course mates were very supportive and they made sure that they graduated together as a class, by motivating and helping each other in course assignments.

“I wish to keep on improving myself and learn more creative ways to get the children excited and engaged in learning  and further develop their interest so that they can benefit in the long run.” she added.

Christine Choy Chau Ting (Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (Food Technology)
Before the switch: F&B Sector

Christine says she had often dreamed about teaching young children, especially after leaving her job as a laboratory technician. But for seven years after that, she had to help her ageing mother in the family’s food business.  It was only after her mother had decided to retire, and found someone to take over the shop, that she was able to embark on the journey as an early childhood educator.

“Since childhood, I loved to pretend to be a teacher and used my soft toys as the children. I love children and had the passion for teaching them. I felt that it was a blessing to be able to do what you enjoy as a job and with the support and encouragement from my family, I decided to go for it,” she said.

The mother of two children said the WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (Childcare) course was very applicable to her new career.

“It touches on all areas of our work and also on the problems that we may occasionally face. The lecturers were very approachable and patient and they would share their experiences with us,” she said

Catherine aims to become a Centre Principal within 10 years.