KLCII Student Collaborative Excellence Group (SCEG)

The KLCII Student Collaborative Excellence Group (SCEG) is a student-led initiative that promotes collaboration and excellence among our students. SCEG aims to provide a platform for students to come together for social learning and student overall well-being, enhancing their academic and personal growth.

The SCEG is open to all students who want to participate in group projects, community projects, and other collaborative activities. Participants and speakers come from different backgrounds, academic levels, and disciplines, creating a diverse community of learners who share a common goal of achieving excellence.

The group operates on the principle of COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP, encouraging members to collaborate and lead each other to achieve their goals. The SCEG provides opportunities for students to interact and increase their exposure to a variety of skills and expertise within the KLCII community.

One of the key benefits of joining the SCEG is the opportunity to develop a robust network of like-minded educators as members in such communities often form strong bonds and friendships. This can lead to long term partnerships for both personal and professional growth.

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Upcoming Activities

More details of each activity with registration links will be sent to your student email. Stay tuned!

Volunteer Event:
Go for Your Mountain- 2023

📆 30-Sep-2023, 8AM-12PM
📍Mount Faber
💬English & Chinese

National Art Day

📆25-Oct-2023, 3PM-5PM
📍Ang Mo Kio Campus
💬English & Chinese

Celebrate Your
Unique Talent Day

📆24-Nov-2023, 3PM-5PM
📍Ang Mo Kio Campus
💬English & Chinese

Christmas Gathering

📆21-Dec-2023, 3PM-5PM
📍Ang Mo Kio Campus
💬English & Chinese


Past Activities

Welcome to view the activity photos on KLCII’s Facebook webpage https://www.facebook.com/klcearlychildhood 

2023 Q1 Student Activities

CNY Celebration (Chinese) Teddy Bear Party (Chinese) Singapore 101 (Chinese)
Women’s Day Talk(Chinese) DIY Flowers (Chinese) Online Parenting (Chinese)
2023 Q2 Student Activities
Special Education Support (Chinese) Group Therapy Workshop (Chinese) Class Gathering(Chinese)
2023 Q3 Student Activities
Volunteer Event (Chinese) Class Gathering (Chinese) COMING SOON