KLC International Institute (KLCII) is committed to provide prompt and efficient channels for students to seek resolution for any feedback, dispute, or grievance.

A student’s feedback may result in dispute or grievance from any aspect of their educational experience at KLCII with their classmates, lecturers, tutors, or service staff.  Feedback may also concern policies and processes.

Where KLCII policies and procedures exist in relation to student discipline or academic matters such as appeals against results, expulsion, suspension etc., then these will take precedence over the dispute and grievance process.

KLCII has a 3-step process to assist students in seeking resolution in the event of dispute and grievance. These steps are to assist students to ensure resolution with minimum delay, inconvenience and in fairness to the student.


The student shall first approach the Programme Administrator (PA) in charge to give his or her feedback. He or she can do this in person, via email or complete the “Feedback on Customer Service” form available at the Front Service counter and https://klc.edu.sg. All feedback will be acknowledged by the PA within 2 working days. The Campus Manager / Academic HOD will validate the student’s feedback with relevant department personnel and respond within the next 10 working days.

In the case of complaints, disputes, or grievances, the Campus Manager / Academic HOD shall notify the student on the status of investigation and provide the student with a resolution (where possible) within 12 working days from date of receipt of the feedback.

If the Campus Manager / Academic HOD cannot solve the issue, the issue will be brought up to the respective VPs, VPs will attempt to resolve within the next 5 working days.


In the event that the resolution rendered is unsatisfactory, the student may opt to appeal on the complaint, dispute, or grievance to the Quality Assurance (QA) Department. Depending on the nature of the dispute or grievance, i.e., Academic or Non-Academic related, the QA Department will submit the case to the CEO/Principal for further deliberation. A final resolution shall be notified to the student within  4 working days from the date of appeal.  KLCII will endeavor to address and resolve any complaints, disputes or grievances in an amicable and timely manner within the Institute.


In the event that the student and KLCII are unable to resolve the complaint, dispute, or grievance amicably, either party may approach CPE for help. (https://www.ssg.gov.sg/cpe/student-services/student-resources.html)

Hotline: (65) 6785 5785

The officers of CPE will review the issues and may refer the dispute to CPE Mediation –Arbitration Scheme. If the dispute is not resolved through mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre, the dispute will be referred for arbitration by an arbitrator appointed by the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.