After leaving her job in the public sector, Judy Tan opted for early childhood education for her new career as she was inspired by the preschool teachers who taught her own three children.

Ms Judy Tan pictured with a group of students from her class in ELF Preschool.


She joined Early Learning’s Fun (ELF) Preschool as an assistant teacher in April 2020, after working in the public service corporate sector for 34 years. The professional conversion course she took, and her passion, helped propel her to become a full-fledged preschool teacher within two years.

English lesson conducted in the form of story telling. 

She attended the “WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching (Conversion)” at KLC International Institute in April 2020 and graduated a year later. Following that, the ELF preschool promoted her to teacher cum administrator.

The job has become much more fulfilling, she said. The diploma course had equipped her to adopt developmentally appropriate practices. She enjoys “developing lesson plans to meet the children’s varying needs, evaluating their development, engaging in constructive feedback with parents and managing administrative tasks relating to her preschool’s day-to-day operations”.

Ms Judy Tan introducing the Pineapple fruit  to students through their senses.

More importantly, she has been able to identify the different learning needs of each child and group them accordingly so that she could adopt differentiated teaching approaches to help them learn at their own pace.

She said one of her most memorable and rewarding experience during her diploma course was the practicum where she taught English lesson for Nursery classes. She was very happy that parents were impressed by what their children had learned from her lessons. This has helped her to keep her faith in the career.

More importantly, she said she has gained valuable insights from the lecturers’ sharing of their personal experiences and tips for handling children’s development. She also learned a lot from her course mates’ enthusiasm for sharing feedback on the lectures during group discussions.