A short while ago, our Ang Mo Kio campus played host to a one-of-a-kind Spring Festival celebration tailored exclusively for our students. The atmosphere was ablaze with joy and unity, lifting the festive spirit on campus to unprecedented levels.

Some of the staff and students embracing the festive season. 

Mass group photo of all the participants and staff who participated in the event.

The festivities commenced with introductions, where students eagerly shared their most cherished wishes for the year 2024. Their infectious enthusiasm and lofty aspirations struck a chord with everyone present, reflecting their collective hopes and dreams for the future.

Students connecting with each other through group activities.

Following that was the riddle-guessing segment, featuring ten meticulously crafted puzzles designed to test the students’ proficiency in Chinese language and their quick wit. It was exhilarating to witness as each riddle was deciphered successfully, showcasing the students’ deep understanding of the language.

The event then transitioned into a more intimate sharing session, where students exchanged heartfelt anecdotes about their most memorable Spring Festival experiences, fostering genuine connections and bringing them closer together.

Exchange of heartfelt anecdotes during the session.

Leveraging online interactive tools, students extended warm Spring Festival greetings and blessings to one another, bridging the physical and virtual realms with warmth and goodwill.

The gathering culminated with everyone coming together to enjoy delicious Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls), symbolizing a year of togetherness and harmony, filled with blessings and gratitude, thereby bringing the relaxed and enjoyable gathering to a close.

Savoring the sweetness of togetherness with every bite of Tang Yuan. 

Through this event, not only did it demonstrate the solidarity and vibrancy of our campus’s adult student community, but it also highlighted the rich tapestry of our campus culture. May this bond of friendship and blessings accompany each member, spreading warmth and longevity throughout the new year!