KLCII has been packaging and facilitating continuing professional development training programmes for several preschool brands over the last few years. On 29 May, it conducted three workshops online for some 600 teaching staff from Skool4Kidz Preschool, one of the five Preschool Anchor Operators in Singapore appointed by the Early Childhood Development Agency

The workshop programmes were designed by KLCII and delivered by its lecturers.  

In the workshop on From Teaching to Thinking – Stretching Children’s Thinking Through Questioning”, teachers learned to use effective questioning in their lessons to promote a climate of enquiry in the classroom. It promotes the learning of thinking processes and builds critical thinking skills in children, facilitating their development as self-driven active learners. The participants were also introduced to Bloom’s Taxonomy comprising six levels of questioning strategies for application in different learning areas. 

Ms Masliah (top row 3rd from left), KLCII Senior Lecturer conducting a hands-on activity during the training session  

Preschool educators of 4 – 6 years old children also attended the “Use of Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning” workshop. This session was designed to reinforce the awareness of the value of technology in lessons and encourage the effective use of various IT tools to enhance teaching and learning. It helps the teachers to develop and provide more varied, interactive and engaging learning experiences for children with diverse backgrounds and learning needs. 

 The workshop “Bringing outdoor fun indoor” addresses the challenges educators face in bringing the elements of outdoor learning into the classroom, especially for infants and toddlers who have limited mobility. Designed for infant and preschool teachers, the session helped the participants to re-examine some of the current outdoor learning practices. They were guided to strategise and find ways to recreate meaningful  experiences in the classroom by bringing some aspects of nature indoors for the young to explore. 

Students sharing of their group activity

The participants’ feedback on the workshops was overwhelmingly, positive 

“I learnt many new things on outdoor activities and ideas on how to make class discussions interactive. I’m so excited and I will share them to my colleagues.”

Debbie Jane Hetiroza, (Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Bedok Ping Yi Greens)

“I will now be able to use the 6 steps for asking questions in class to help me to find out if my students understand what they have learnt.”

Nur Arzilla Binte Shariff, (Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Marsiling Drive)

KLCII looks forward to bringing similar continuing professional development training programmes to more preschools in Singapore, combining high-quality up-to-date content and convenient access for preschool educators.

Please browse through our catalogue of Early Childhood and Leadership & Transformation courses at our website and contact us at 6436 3935 ( Mr Derrick Lee) or 6436 3934 (Ms Chloe Lai) to discuss how KLCII could serve your organization’s needs for continuing professional development through dedicated course runs.