How a Conducive Environment, Creativity and prerequisite teaching Skills impact young children’s learning. 

Three of KLCII’s seasoned experts in early childhood teacher training shared their knowledge and industry experience with some 1,200 principals and teachers at the Early Childhood Conference 2017 held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 6th  & 7th  October 2017.

The theme forthis annual event organised by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and was“Inspiring Leadership: Nurturing the Future”.

Early Childhood Conference 2017 conducted on 6 & 7 October 2017

Ms Madhavi Tiwari and Ms Anizah Binte Mohd Saleh jointly presented a paper on “We Inspire, We Spark – Building Conducive Learning Environment with Effective Team and Collaboration”.

The interactive presentation emphasised the importance of collaboration and working closely with community partners to tap on relevant resources to build a conducive learning environment for children. Delegates picked up useful tips and strategies that can be used to accomplish desired outcomes and organisational goals.

The two main presenters were also supported by two principals from Skool4Kidz, Ms Christina Paediwalla and Mdm. Vasandy. the two principals shared their collaborative journey digitally as they as they were one of the SPARK recipients.

Ms. Madhavi has a Master’s degree of Education (ECE) from NIE, NTU with years of myriad experience as an educator, management personnel, trainer and mentor. Mdm Anizah holds a Master of Education (ECE)  from UniSA and has years of experience in the EC sector.

A group photos for class of “We Inspire, We Spark – Building Conducive Learning Environment with Effective Team and Collaboration”.

The second presentation on “Skills and “Creativity in Chinese Language Teaching for Young Children” was delivered Dr. Chen Shi, KLCII’s  Vice-principal of the EC Chinese Department.  She shared the latest teaching methodologies that have been designed to make Chinese Language lessons fun and increase children’s interest in learning the language. Dr Chen Shi also presented case studies of the latest developments in  the teaching of mother tongue and emphasized the importance of “Skills” and “Creativity” in teaching the Chinese language.

Dr Chen Shi has a PHD in Chinese Language and Literature and a Master’s degree in Education Management, with more than 30 years of teacher training experience and has done several research studies on Education and Literature.

Dr. Chen Shi, KLCII’s Vice-principal of the EC Chinese Department presented “Skills and “Creativity in Chinese Language Teaching for Young Children”.

The conference was officially opened by Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Desmond Lee and focuses on efforts to transform the early childhood profession as outlined by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the National Day Rally in August this year, and to help enhance the career prospects for early childhood practitioners.

The learning lined up for EC principals and teachers included  2  keynote and plenary presentations by local and overseas speakers, 37 concurrent workshops and eight Learning Journeys for participants to discover the world of curriculum, pedagogical and leadership possibilities beyond the pre-school classrooms.