Folklore has been used throughout history to engage and teach young children language, culture and values. To guide Mother Tongue Malay language teachers, use this approach more effectively, KLCII launched the “Using Folklore to Enhance Children’s Language and Emotional Development”. This 8 hr Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshop is endorsed by ECDA and is delivered in Malay.

Trainees in this synchronous e-learning session will learn how to identify appropriate folklore for children, adopt and use techniques and strategies for storytelling that will enhance the emotional and character development of preschoolers.  They also learned how to plan appropriate activities through the ‘feeling vocabularies’ to enhance the knowledge and application of the Malay language.

Folklores and stories are useful means to impart social and cultural values and contribute to the development of children’s listening and communication skills, social-emotional quotient and self-confidence.  Overall, the workshops helped the teachers to have more ideas and resources available to them for instilling greater interest and the joy of listening to stories, as well as reading, in children.

The course was conducted by Ms Masliah Bte Abdul Rahman, who has a Bachelor in Early Childhood and a Master of Education (Monash University), as well as an Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment from the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.