She could not find a suitable course in Sabah. So she trawled the Internet in search of an intensive course for her further study to become an early childhood educator, but was unsuccessful until the programmes on the KLCII website caught her eyes. She chose KLCII immediately because it is an established institute in Singapore with a 4 year Edutrust status.

After that, applying for the course – the 20-month WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – English was a breeze for Hannah James Jupinon, who had earlier obtained an Agricultural Science degree in Kota Kinabalu and interned with a land development company.

“The KLCII representative in Sabah was very helpful. They did everything for me efficiently,” said Hannah, referring to her education agent, EduQuest.

Her student pass was approved within a month and she was on her way to Singapore in year 2016 for her study with KLCII. Because she could not arrive in time for the class orientation, the KLCII student services department gave her a one-to-one session and helped her to adjust to the environment.

“It has been very easy to adjust to the campus environment in  Singapore. I am very comforted to notice that there are many International students studying at the Institute.

“The classes were relaxed, lecturers are very friendly and approachable. They share their knowledge and experience with us openly and are very helpful whenever we have questions or doubts,” Hannah added.

Hannah’s interest in Early Childhood teaching was cultivated in Sabah where she had volunteered by helping out in the young adult ministry of a Church and giving lessons to children in a village.

Hannah will graduate in 2017 and she is keen to start work as an Early Childhood teacher in Singapore.