With parents getting more sophisticated and having higher expectations, early childhood educators nowadays have to continuously both initiate and adapt to changes to better support the needs of their young charges. However, as humans are generally creatures of habit, we are often resistant to change and prefer to maintain the status quo. How can leaders encourage their teams to welcome change and make the changes stick?

This is what a group of over 40 principals learnt in a highly engaging workshop entitled “Leading Change the Solution-focused Way”, presented by KLC International Institute at the Collaborating Space in its Ang Mo Kio Campus.

The session was designed to help preschool educators adopt a Solution-Focused approach to leading and managing change to improve their teams’ performance, through an engaging process for their teams to co-create shared goals and their preferred future.

While groups tend to have inertia and resist change, people have an innate desire to be successful.  Creating and maintaining an environment of positive relationships between leaders and team members enables this innate desire to be tapped and opens the way for teams to overcome resistance and accomplish shared goals.

Participants learned the Solution-Focused approach to foster such a positive environment—appreciating the progress they have achieved (no matter how small) and leveraging on the strengths of every individual team member.

Feedback from the participants was very positive. They felt that adopting the Solution-Focused approach will help their teams to improve team functioning and motivation, to be able to handle new challenges more effectively.

The workshop was conducted by Mr Edwin Choy (MSc), a certified Master Solution Focused Practitioner with the International Alliance of Solution Focused Teaching Institutes (IASTI). He is also a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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