On the 14th May 2024, Dr. Chen Shi, Vice Principal of KLC International Institute, Singapore was invited by Hubei Preschool Teachers College in China to deliver a workshop on ‘Innovative Strategies and Practices for Early Childhood Development in Singapore.’ During the workshop, Dr Chen Shi shared her insights on key aspects of Singapore’s early childhood education, including policies, regulations, and diversified curriculum models.

Hubei Preschool Teachers College attending Dr Chen Shi workshop on May 14th 2024.

In addressing the rapid advancement of AI technology in the digital age, Dr. Chen Shi emphasised the need for the sector to adapt and innovate so as to elevate the standards of early childhood education. She also expressed her hope for greater collaboration among educators to implement national guidelines and assessment indicators into the preschool teaching profession in China.

KLCII Vice Principal, Chinese Programmes, Dr Chen Shi delivering her insights on stage.

Hubei Preschool Teachers College shared that Dr Chen Shi’s sharing has reaffirmed their college’s commitment for preschool teachers training in the digital age. This initiative aims to deepen the integration of modern technology and talent development, thereby uplifting the quality of education through the use of technology.

Hubei Preschool Teachers College reaffirms its commitment to modernizing educator training.