To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, 2023 KLCII organised a small forum with the theme “The Importance of Continuing Professional Development for Women” for its female students.

2nd row from left: Ms Evon Lew (KLCII business course trainer and consultant), Ms Hou Jing (KLCII Assistant Head, Chinese Department), Ms Dai Zhong Fang Wing (KLCII Registrar)

Three experienced professional lady staff from KLCII shared their stories and insights on various topics related to women’s empowerment.  They were Hou Jing (侯婧) : Lecturer and Assistant Head of KLCII’s Early Childhood, Chinese Department; Dai Zhong Fang Wing (代中芳), Manager of KLCII’s Registrar Office, and Evon Lew (艺文), KLCII’s business course trainer and consultant.

Sharing session on transferable skills in the 21st century workforce

The discussion focused on cross-disciplinary learning and working, transferable skills, and values. It was an excellent occasion for the students to learn from successful women in different areas of work and to be inspired to achieve more for themselves.