Using activity to teach language has proven to be very effective in helping young children learn.

For Chinese Language, KLCII’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course on “Music and Dance through Mandarin Phonics (Hanyu Pinyin) Teaching”, in particular, has been in demand.

The CPD class in session at KLCII Dhoby Ghaut Campus conducted by Mr James Ling, Head of Chinese Language.

180 Chinese teachers attended four full-day courses on this programme that was conducted by KLCII at its Dhoby Ghaut campus on Thursday and Friday  from 28 March to 5 April 2019.

This CPD course is designed for teachers to use music, dance and body movements to help children learn the language. All the participants each received a certificate at the end the course.

A discussion on Chinese Pinyin and phonetic skills knowledge

Participants were introduced to Chinese Pinyin and phonetic skills to help them grasp the basic concepts of Pinyin. Misunderstandings of Pinyin and phonetic knowledge were clarified to further enhance the teachers’ understanding of the system. It also provided the participants with a solid foundation for the design and implementation of Chinese language teaching in kindergartens, including the use of music and body movements, to help children learn more effectively.