Responding to the concerns of a difference in Chinese pronunciation and vocabulary between local and foreign Chinese Early childhood teachers in Singapore, KLCII launched a new initiative to include the Standard Chinese Linuistics Test (more commonly known as ‘’Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi’’ for all students undergoing the WSQ Early Childhood Chinese diploma.

PSC is the national standard for spoken Chinese in China. Standard Chinese is the medium of instruction in all schools across all levels and is the working language in all official functions.

This PSC test is created based on years of research by top Phonology experts under the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Ministry of Education, China. It is the only Standard Chinese certification that is recognised and accepted in China. Professionals in the education, performing arts, mass media and tourism industries in China must obtain the PSC certification before gaining employment.

KLCII was appointed in 2006 and is the only test centre in Singapore. The Test is administered by official appointed testers from the Institute of Applied Linguistics.Results are reviewed and tabulated through a panel of Academics in China.  Students who have passed the PSC test will be awarded the “Certificate of Proficiency in Standard Chinese”.

From left: Mr James Ling, Head Chinese Language Learning, Mr Yang Xiaolin, PSC Examiner, Mr Yu Qian, PSC Examiner and Dr Chen Shi, Vice Principal Chinese Programmes.

The latest test at the KLCII Campus in Dhoby Ghaut from 23 to 25 November 2017, saw a record number of 133 Early Childhood (Chinese) Diploma students being assessed for their oral pronunciation standard in Putonghua, after which they were graded according to their proficiency level.

Student taking the PSC test @KLCII Dhoby Ghaut campus on 23 November 2017

This initiative has benefitted more than 400 WSQ Chinese EC diploma students to date.

KLCII Vice Principal Dr Chen Shi commented: “This is a bold initiative by KLCII. We believe in a bigger picture, the main benefactor are our children.