In spite of the pandemic, KLCII has continued to organise large-scale centralised professional development programmes (CPD) for preschools over the last two years. Although they were carried out in virtual space, the programmes proved to be as effective in helping preschool educators keep abreast of the latest developments and best practices in the early childhood sector.

One of the first large-scale CPD programmes KLCII had organise this year was for Skool4Kidz in May. Three workshops were put together for Skool4Kidz’ Professional Development Day to help reinforce its culture for continuing learning for staff throughout its 21 centres.

Some 260 Skool4Kidz educators attended the eight-hour long virtual workshops in separate groups over a period of five days from 6 to 12 May, 2022.  The theme was “Continue Our Learning Curve!”, with focus on fun and effective ways to teach children using music, rhythm and movement. There were two English language workshops on Music & Movement for Infant Teachers, and Music & Movement for Preschool Teachers. A workshop on “Developing Infant/Toddler’s Interest in Chinese Learning through Music Rhythm” was specially designed for Chinese language teachers.

The sessions delved into the developmental needs of young children and engaged participants in hands-on activities and new song repertoires to improve classroom learning. Participants were refreshed on the elements of music and how they could support learning using music, singing, percussive instruments and props.

The workshop in Chinese was presented by Ms Xia Bing, a full time lecturer in KLC International Institute (KLCII) who has many years of preschool education experience. She holds a Bachelor in English Education from Shanghai Normal University and a Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

Feedback from participants were positive, with almost all attesting to the competency of the lecturers. Ms Eh Yin Ying from S4K Tampines Green Ridges, who attended the Music & Movement for Infants Course said the workshop has helped her to better  conduct more fun and lively music and movement lessons for her children. Another teacher, Ms Wang Yanan, also from the same centre, said the knowledge and skills learnt has further reinforced her ability to guide young children in their learning.