The social distancing measures imposed during 2020-2022 caused a sea change in work and learning modes, as lockdowns pushed most of the developed world into embracing remote work and online learning.  KLCII was well-prepared in 2020 and pivoted rapidly to deliver all its classes online.

Having tasted the flexibility and convenience of working and learning from home, many are now reluctant to return fully to pre-COVID modes of exclusively working in an office or learning in a physical classroom. Nevertheless, our experiences in the last three years of enforced social separation and masking have also made many of us acutely aware of the value and benefits of in-person, face-to-face human interaction.

With classes fully online since early 2020, and most students preferring the convenience and time savings of learning from anywhere through online classes, KLCII made the decision to completely revamp our Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Campus to create an environment fit for the new realities of the world we are in. KLCII took the opportunity to completely reimagine the multiple functions and purposes the campus could serve, and is pleased to now offer a campus thoughtfully designed to meet the current and future needs of students and staff.

Our newly revamped AMK Campus reception

Located centrally in Singapore and within just minutes of walking from the Ang Mo Kio MRT station and bus interchange, our AMK location is an ideal location for students to meet, whether for project work, peer discussions or social gatherings.

Forgoing the traditional classroom layouts, we carved out multi-use spaces of different sizes, furnished with easily movable furniture to provide maximum flexibility in configuring the spaces for a variety of uses.

Identity space which also serves as a common space for everyone to gather.

Knowing room that extends out to Identity room where it forms a multi-purpose space for events.

Collaborating room-one of our classrooms where physical course runs take place.

These spaces are also equipped with state-of-the-art high definition laser projectors and sound systems that allow students to conveniently screencast from their mobile devices over wi-fi, enabling seamless large-format sharing of multimedia content.

The campus also offers discussion pods equipped with large monitors for smaller group meetings, as well as counselling rooms and small meeting rooms offering greater privacy.

Discussion pods for small group discussions.

Restore-one of the counselling rooms.

There are also more casual sofa seating areas allowing for more relaxed conversations, as well as an inviting pantry with a kitchen island, encouraging social interaction over sharing of meals and drinks.

Identity space and pantry seen in the above photo.

One of the design goals for the revamped campus is to offer comfortable yet fully functional spaces that allow our students to engage in collaborative learning as well as relax through more casual social activities. Our aim is to ensure that while our students continue to enjoy the convenience of online classes, they will still have opportunities for in-person social interactions with their classmates to develop friendships and peer support networks, which we believe are helpful for our students’ overall wellbeing while they are studying as well as after graduation.

SCEG Christmas themed party at our Campus.

One of the group photos from SCEG  Lunar New Year event.

Along with the physical infrastructure upgrades, KLCII initiated the Student Collaborative Excellence Group (SCEG) to drive and foster collaboration, well-being and excellence among our students. The AMK Campus has already hosted several SCEG activities since it re-opened in October 2023, and we look forward to more fun, meaningful and enriching SCEG events in the months ahead.

If you are interested to find out what KLCII can offer you as a student, please feel free to contact us at 6337 8338 and we will be happy to arrange a chat and even give you a tour of our AMK campus.