KLCII’s Chinese diploma students come from many countries including China, Malaysia and Taiwan. Many of them carries a spoken accent from their native country.  Noting that this may pose certain challenges to the student, KLCII rolls out complimentary PSC test for all KLCII Chinese diploma students.

In July, some 135 Chinese diploma students sat for the Standard Chinese Linguistics Test, more commonly known as ‘’Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi’’ (PSC), to benchmark their oral proficiency in Chinese.

Student taking the PSC test @KLCII Dhoby Ghaut campus on 28 July 2018

The individual test sessions were conducted by appointed official testers from the Institute of Applied Linguistics. Results are reviewed and tabulated through a panel of Academics in China and students who pass the test will be awarded the “Certificate of Proficiency in Standard Chinese”.

“I am certain that centre principals and parents can appreciate this effort by KLCII to have all Chinese Diploma students undergo an Internationally recognized standard Chinese oral proficiency.” Dr Chen Shi added.

From left: Mr James Ling, Head Chinese Language Learning, Ms Liu ZiQi, PSC Examiner, Ms Qi Ying, PSC Examiner, Mr Desmond Seah, Vice Principal Sales & Marketing and Dr Chen Shi, Vice Principal Chinese Programmes

PSC is the national standard for spoken Chinese in China and is the only Standard Chinese certification that is recognised and accepted there. Standard Chinese is the medium of instruction in all schools across all levels and is the working language in all official functions in the country.

This PSC test is created based on years of research by top Phonology experts under the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Ministry of Education, China. The certification is coveted by professionals in the education, performing arts, mass media and tourism industries.

KLCII introduced the PSC in Singapore in 2006 to address concerns about the difference in Chinese pronunciation and vocabulary between local and foreign Chinese Early childhood teachers in Singapore. More than 545 students have taken the PSC Test since inception.