596 teachers and cluster heads participate in the unprecedent Zoom event

KLC International Institute (KLCII) successfully conducted the first-ever online Team Bonding Day on 27 November 2020 for some 596 teachers, principals and cluster leaders from Skool4Kidz Preschool.  It was believed to be the biggest preschool professional development event ever hosted online here using the Zoom teleconferencing platform.

During the event, Ms Marion Mony, Director of English Programmes & Professional Development, commended the Skool4Kidz team for their resilience and ability to adapt quickly to challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. She urged them to further use the Team Bonding Day opportunity to further raise their professional development quotient to come up with more innovative and effective learning programmes for their children.

The events lineup was designed by KLCII in collaboration with the Skool4Kidz Curriculum team, The theme, “Embracing Change”, was selected to encourage everyone in the organisation to continue to further their personal improvement effort and work as a closely-knit team to achieve more new milestones for Skool4Kidz in the coming years.

It kicked off with a video showing selected staff from all the different centre locations singing the School song together, capturing the true spirit of Skool4Kidz in the face of adversity during the health crisis.

Followed by, with a Keynote presentation by Mr Chrisian Chua, an international masterclass motivator, and Mr Eugene Seah, a renowned coach and speaker on NLP techniques for mindset change, who facilitated in Mandarin.

The 90-minute session was designed with an enjoyable motivational experience, that allowed the team members to understand and appreciate the importance of adapting to challenging circumstances, developing individual strengths, understanding individual differences and team dynamics, learning to be accepting and grateful in order to have a positive growth mindset.

The second part of the programme gave everyone the opportunity to relax, enjoy and learn something new to instill a greater sense of teamwork and cooperation – through cross-stitching, the earliest form of embroidery before computer-aided design and automation took over.

The “Stitch Bonding” project was designed to help the staff of each centre learn to create unique and creative patterns as a team, guided by their principals. Each centre was required to create their respective “masterpiece” for submission by 7 December for an inter-centre competition to vie for the best design Award.

This unusual team bonding and learning exercise saw every participant putting in their effort exchanging and embracing new ideas, understanding team dynamics and enjoying the spirit of learning as a team. The project helped to give everyone a fresh perspective of how making an embroidery can mean so much to their ability to bring about better outcomes for the children under their care.