The Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) is a standard chinese proficiency test developed by China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Institute of Applied Linguistics. China classifies “Putonghua” as chinese language with standard pronunciation and it is currently utilized across the world.

PSC was officially launched in China in 1994, where subsequently, Crestar Education Group (KLCII’s parent company) signed an agreement with the State Language Affairs Commission China, to launch the test in Singapore.

In Dec 2006, KLCII launched the 1st overseas PSC test and the profile of the candidates sitting for the test range from celebrities, chinese language teachers, chinese trainers from government agencies.

Subsequently in July and November 2007, KLCII conducted two training and assessments in conjunction with WDA.

Only test centre in Singapore authorised to conduct the test

Only overseas test centre of the Institute of Applied Linguistics

Assessment will be conducted orally by a group of national testers recognised and approved by China Ministry of Education.

Students who have passed the PSC test will be awarded the “Certificate of Proficiency in Standard Chinese”.