KLC International Institute (KLCII) is a human capital development organisation. Being one of the pioneers of early childhood teacher training since 1988, we have organically evolved into the consultancy space, helping SMEs to manage change in work processes and job roles due to business transformation needs.

KLCII builds performance capabilities required of the workforce and our job redesign efforts have led to elevated staff engagement, increased job value, and improved productivity.

Knowing, Leading, Collaborating – that’s our DNA !

We encourage deep informed practice in everything we do.

We stay relevant through a deliberate learning-by-doing approach.

We collaborate and innovate together with humility, respect for one another and a desire to serve others.

We want to ideate together, work together, grow together and reimagine what’s possible together with you.

We believe the following are keys to creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in this current competitive world.

People Development

Employee Engagement

Strengths-Based Culture Development

Staff Learning & Development

Talent Development & Management

Job Redesign & Upskilling

Business Reimagination

Innovation Culturing

Business Growth Strategies

Customer Experience Design

Digital Transformation & Change Management

Supported by KLCII’s Business Reimagination and Reinvention Workshop Series! (SSG Funded)

Management and Operational Excellence

Quality Assurance

Instructional System Technology

Process Optimisation

Capacity Optimisation & Management

Supported by a strong faculty who are experts in education, with extensive and rich ground experience, including setting up schools, running mega school operations, and leading curriculum development in Singapore and overseas.

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