Some 30 Secondary 4 students at Beatty Secondary School had the rare opportunity to hear about what the early childhood education offers for a career during a talk on the subject on 1 April 2020.

They learned that many who have chosen early childhood education for their career soon after leaving school have been able to further develop themselves to be patient and positive, and to become more creative and emotionally intelligent.

Many also found that they have become more passionate for working with and nurturing young children.

Beatty Secondary students learn about early childhood education career talk on 1 April 2020

The talk was delivered by Ms Lorna Poon, KLCII Corporate Manager, who has more than 35 years of professional experience in pre-school education industry. She shared with the students the responsibilities of educarer and preschool teachers, including planning and preparing teaching materials to implementing learning activities, supervising the children and communicating with parents and guardians.

Ms Poon also walked them through the day of every child in preschool from arrival in the morning to have their health screening, through outdoor activities such as play and game times, to nap and tea times, indoor story-telling, reading, art and craft and music and movement activities.

Although the career offers attractive packages depending on qualification and experience, more importantly the students learned that they had to start with taking the relevant training courses available to equip themselves for the job.

The students were introduced to the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Early Years for educarers looking after children from two months and 3 years old, and the WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education for preschool teachers.