On 1 June 2019, KLCII had the opportunity to present a talk in Chinese to parents at the Parents Learning Fiesta 2019 about “Music and Movement” and how it can help children and families increase cultural awareness and bond at the same time.

The learning event held at the Nee Soon Central Community Club at Northpoint was organised by Yayasan Mendaki in partnership with PCF Sparkletots to engage and educate parents on different ways to impart knowledge to their children at home.

A talk for parents on “Promoting Culture awareness through Music & Movement (in Mandarin)”

Parents learn through the talk how “Music and  Movement” activities  in an immersive environment provided with appropriate  materials is critical to the learning and development of young children at an early stage.

They were told that such activities  can help children improve memory, cognitive development, learning skills and the ability to better express themselves, and develop a positive sense of identity and self-esteem.

A total of 262 parents attended the morning and afternoon sessions of the hour-long talk delivered by KLCII lecturer Xiang Min. She is currently a full time trainer with KLCII Singapore and is mainly responsible for pre-service teacher training and on-the-job training for pre-school teachers.