If you are represented by any agents, please note that ALL FEES are to be paid directly to KLC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE. Please do not make any payment to your Agent.
International students are not to engage in any form of employment or industrial attachment paid or unpaid without a valid work pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

How to Apply

Please follow our Step-by-Step guide on application procedure:

Check your Admission Criteria or you can contact our Course Consultant for more details.

Apply by contacting our Course Consultant at +65 6337 8338.

Before application, please ensure that you have the following documents in soft copy (PDF, JPG, Doc, Zip format).

• Latest passport copy – Passport must be valid for more than six months (Scanned-Copy)
• Recent Passport-Size Photograph (White Background)
• Certified/Notarised copy of Birth Certificate (Scanned-Copy)
• Certified/Notarised copy of Highest Academic Qualification and Highest Academic Transcripts (Scanned-Copy)
• Depended pass / Long term visit pass / Work permit scanned-copy (if applicable)
• Latest 1-month pay slip or employment letter scanned-copy (if applicable)

Additional documents are required for following case:
1. If applicant comes from a VISA-Required Country, you must provide :
– Financial support documents, such as an Employment letter or income statement of parents and Fixed-Deposit bank statement (At least 150K RMB and valid for at least 3 to 6 months) (Scanned-Copy).

2. If one of the applicant’s parents or step-parents is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, you must provide:
– Parent / Step-parent’s Official Marriage Certificate/ Divorce Certificate and applicant’s Custody (Scanned-Copy) ;
– Parent/Step-parent’s NRIC (Scanned-Copy)
– Parent / Step-parent’s highest educational certificate (Scanned-Copy) ;
– Parent / Step-parent’s Current Letter of Employment (letter should state the date of commencement, designation, and salary per month) or Business Registration Certificate (Scanned-Copy) if parent / step-parent is self-employed. These documents should be issued within the last 1 month.
– Parent / Step-parent’s CPF monthly contribution for the past 12 months (Scanned-Copy) ;
– Parent / Step-parent’s Income Tax* Assessment Notices records for the past 1 year (Scanned-Copy).

3. If the applicant’s spouse is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, you must provide :
– Spouse’s Official Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate (Scanned-Copy) ;
– Spouse’s NRIC (Scanned-Copy)
– Spouse’s highest educational certificate (Scanned-Copy) ;
– Spouse’s current employment letter or income statement (Including the starting date of the current job, job position and monthly salary) If the spouse is self-employed, he/she need to provide her business license (Scanned-Copy). The issue date of these documents provided must be within 1 month ;
– Spouse’s CPF monthly contribution for the past 12 months (Scanned-Copy) ;
– Spouse’s Income Tax* Assessment Notices records for the past 1 year (Scanned-Copy).
NOTE: Approved applicants must present the original supporting documents for verification when receiving the student pass.

After completing STEP 2,the applicant can submit his/her online application form and proceed to pay for application fee. The application fees for International Students are $291.60 (Including 8% GST and NON-REFUNDABLE)

Upon receiving the completed documents, KLCII will apply for your student pass with Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore. The general processing time for a new application is 4 to 6 weeks. Some applications may take a longer time to process. If your student pass application is rejected, you will receive a copy of a rejection letter issued by ICA. You must prepare your appeal documents within 2 weeks of the rejection date.

You will receive a copy of an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter issued by ICA once your student pass application is approved. The IPA serves as an entry visa to Singapore if you are from a visa-required country.

Upon arrival in Singapore, all students must undergo an ECDA pre-employment medical examination and an ICA medical examination. The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) will collect a non-refundable fee of $60 (Student Pass Issuance Fee) and $30 for multiple visas (if applicable), and KLCII will arrange for you to visit ICA for an appointment for student pass collection.

You may officially start your study journey in Singapore after completing the above steps.