Programme is conducted in Chinese

This program nurtures education professionals with fundamental knowledge of child development, social science, and educational psychology and offers professional knowledge and training in early childhood education for those who are interested in research in educational psychology, teaching, and administration. Graduates from this program are able to work in a wide variety of early childhood educational institutions and in various teacher training programs covering education administration, teaching, and research, broadcasting, educational television, publishing and training.

  • To prepare the student for career in early childhood education with knowledge of child development, social science, education psychology, teaching and administration.
  • To understand the basic theory and practice in pre-school and early childhood education.
 Modules Duration
Advanced Chinese 30hrs
Introduction to Child Literature 30hrs
Foundation of Aesthetic Education 30hrs
Practical Writing Techniques in Early Childhood 24hrs
Philosophy of Education 30hrs
History of Education in the World 30hrs
Child Development and Education 30hrs
Introduction to Early Childhood Education 30hrs
Kindergarten Curriculum and Pedagogy 30hrs
Early Childhood Education Management 30hrs
Comparative Early Childhood Education 30hrs
Psychological Health and Intervention for Young Children 30hrs
Advances in Theory and Research in Early Childhood Education 50hrs
Research Methods in Early Childhood Education 30hrs
Education for Children with Special Needs 30hrs
Planning and Management of Programs for Young Children in Singapore 30hrs
Dissertation Design and Facilitation 12hrs
Dissertation (Distance Learning) 240hrs

*Non ECCE major students are required to take additional bridging modules.

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This course consist of:

  • 506 classroom hours
  • 240 dissertation hours
  • 170 e-learning hours


  • Part-time: 36 months


A blended approach consisting of face-to-face classroom teaching, written assignments, exams, and dissertation.

Award of Certificate

This course is accredited by China’s Ministry of Education and is based on National Standards for Undergraduate Programs (China) and the WSQ Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education curriculum guidelines provided by ECDA. The programme is managed by Beijing Normal University, China.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education by Beijing Normal University, China.

Applicants must possess the following requirements:

  • Aged 18 and above and are non-citizens or residents of the People’s Republic of China
  • HSK Level 6 (Written and Oral components) certification
  • Diploma/Degree qualification (EC/non-EC major) recognized by Beijing Normal University or the Ministry of Education of Singapore
  • Applicant without an Early Childhood major is required to take additional bridging modules (totalling 120 class hours) that includes study on:
    • Young children’s growth and development
    • Young children’s play and facilitation
    • Aesthetic education for young children
    • Language education for young children

Exemption of similar modules taken in previous course of study can be granted on a case-by-case basis and subject to approval by Beijing Normal University. Applicants for this program are also required to pass an admission test by Beijing Normal University.

Course Fees $26,276.40
Admin Fees $163.50
Total $26,438.40

All fees stated are inclusive of prevailing GST and are in Singapore dollars. Students are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $87.20 upon course sign-up.

Optional medical insurance coverage of can be purchased. Refer here for more details.

Note: The course is not accredited by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). Graduates who wish to work in the local early childhood sector will need to submit an application to ECDA for Teacher Registration via a preschool. Approval by ECDA will be subjected to the applicant meeting the requirements for Teacher Registration.

Course fees are subjected to changes without prior notice. For a full schedule of the miscellaneous fees, please click here.

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education [Mandarin] (Beijing Normal University) → Master of Education (Early Childhood Education) [Mandarin] (Zhejiang Normal University)