While computational thinking is a concept that children are often exposed to on a daily basis, many are unable to articulate their learning when faced with evolving technology. Discover why how we can guide early learners to transit from tactile programming to block-based programming, such that they can explore new technologies independently.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Basics of algorithms and coding
• Define coding terms such as loops, conditionals, functions, etc.
• Introduction to block coding
• Explore the curriculum of the platform – Matatalab from an educator’s perspective
• Discover the ability to use one single platform to design a progressive curriculum
• Able to craft and design lesson plans that integrate daily learning and STEAM

Early Childhood Educators

To have completed Tactile Programming for Early Learners.


  • 8 Hours (Classroom)

Award of Certificate

KLCII certificate of attendance “Transiting from Tactile to Block-based Programming”