TGS-2020505238 (Synchronous E-Learning)

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With global competition in a borderless world, businesses face the danger of being disrupted or risk being ousted by existing competitors. To thrive under such business conditions, companies need innovation champions with foresight, who can help to overcome business challenges by activating ideas and driving initiatives to explore creative solutions.

This course aims to bring the role of innovation to the ‘commons’, where fluid and self-organising teams are led by innovation leads who are equipped to facilitate small step improvisations in their work areas. Through concepts, case studies and best practices cross-industries, the course participants will get to examine success stories of innovative companies and gain valuable insights for creating an innovation momentum from ground up.

This course prepares individuals to promote an innovation culture and contribute to the innovation process actively. Participants will learn to: 

  1. Differentiate the types of innovation and the purpose of small step innovation
  2. Apply the principles of design thinking to activate ideas with customer-centricity
  3. Design emphatic user research to understand gaps analysis
  4. Get stakeholder buy-In through Rapid Prototyping and Pitching with Storytelling
  5. Implement best practices to take feasible ideas forward with experimentation, iteration and refinement
  • Business managers or executives with high potential to lead and catalyse innovation in their organisations through a lean and agile approach.
  • Business professionals who wish to hone their expertise in organisational development, focusing on innovation management.


Synchronous E-Learning: 16 hours

Award of Certificate

Learners will receive a WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) e-certificate upon completion of the course.

Course Fees $708.50
Singaporean/PR aged 21 years and above $383.50
Singaporean aged 40 years and above $253.50
SME company sponsor $253.50

*Fees quoted are inclusive of 9% GST

Note: The course fee shown is an estimate only. Course fees payable are subject to revision, funding eligibility and approval. Please contact us for details on course fees.

“I attended the WSQ workshop on Small-Step Innovation (The New Norm) recently conducted by Lena & Evon of EduPlay Global. The facilitation skills by both ladies were highly engaging, and fluid in managing a diverse group of individuals very well. Although the entire workshop was conducted online via Zoom, their engagement level with all trainees remained high, which is impressive. The hands-on approach using my business context during the ‘Innovation Sprint’ segment made the learning outcome much more meaningful to me during the 2-day course. I am looking forward to sharing my perspective of ‘Small-Step Innovation’ with my team back at work to create greater business impact for my organisation going forward!”

Jeremy Ng
Business Development Director
Hua Cheng Education Centre

Jeremy Ng, Business Development Director