A very important aspect of a preschool teachers and frontliners’ role is building close rapport and communication with the children’s parents.  Very often they have to engage in difficult situations and tough conversations.

To help them communicate and connect with parents more effectively and with greater confidence, KLC International Institute presented a half-day “Converse & Persuade with Confidence” continuing professional development workshop on 19 August 2021.

Some 25 frontline staff and teachers of several preschools attended the interactive virtual workshop, which also equipped them to better communicate with team members and internal stakeholders in the course of their work.

The session was designed to help them understand and apply the psychological principles of persuasion by gaining more insights into effective verbal and non-verbal communication. They include chemistry and building rapport by understanding the importance of body language such as sending the right vocal, visual and verbal signals, creating positive first impressions, finding a common ground, listening and connecting with authenticity, and understanding and applying reciprocity.

Using a cooperative learning approach, the synchronous session featured various stimulus and sharing opportunities as well, to help the participants adopt key communication strategies.

The breakout sessions gave participants the opportunity to apply concepts such as the ‘Principles of Influence’ and discuss various communication scenarios in the context of the childcare environment, and the use of various tools available to them.

Feedback from the participants said that the workshop was an “enriching experience” and it helped them to better understand the various approaches to communication and apply them effectively.

The facilitators were “very accommodating and encouraging”.  “They ensured that we were comfortable and  shared helpful tips,” said one of the participants.