TGS-2021004325 / TGS-2020501756 (Synchronous e-learning)

Teachers and Educarers have a responsibility to guide children towards appropriate behaviour in class and socialization. Positive guidance and discipline are crucial because they promote children’s self-control, teach children responsibility and consequences, and help them make thoughtful choices. Effective guidance and discipline focus on the development of the child as well as preserve the child’s self-esteem and dignity. The more effective Teachers and Educarers are at encouraging appropriate behaviours, the less time and effort they will spend in correcting children’s misbehaviours.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the term positive guidance and explain why it is valuable to use it during the early childhood years.
  • Identify factors that influence children’s behaviours and the mistaken goals of children’s behaviours.
  • Identify and discuss strategies for promoting self-identity, self-confidence, and self-control in young children.
  • Explore strategies for sharing positive guidance principles and methods with parents.

LON Certification Status: L1 , L2 , EY1 , EY2

Occupational Title: Beginning Infant Educator, Infant Educator, Senior Infant Educator, Beginning Early Years Educator, Early Years Educator, Senior Early Years Educator, Beginning Preschool Educator, Preschool Educator


  • 9 Hours (7 hours classroom, 1.5 hours online and 0.5 hour E-Assessment)

Award of Certificate

ECDA Certificate of Attendance upon successful course completion.

$259.20 (Course Fee) | $163.20 [ECDA Funding (Foreigner)] | $91.20 (After Singaporean/PR Funding)

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