4 Malaysia High school graduates gains employment while undergoing their Early Childhood diploma programme with KLCII in Singapore.

Four students from Foon Yew High School in Johor, the largest Chinese independent high school in Malaysia, have embarked on their WSQ Professional Diploma in in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) course at KLCII.

They were among some 30 graduating students who attended a presentation by KLCII at their school in August last year and registered their interest in full-time early childhood study and work in in Singapore. KLCII partnered with Kinderland and Skool4kidz,  in this outreach effort to promote Early Childhood education as a career pathway.

Shortlisted students were invited to Singapore for an interview. Successful candidates were offered employment upon completion of their Diploma programme in Singapore.

The four students, Ms Tang Shi Ying, Ms Tey Jingjin, Ms Chai Min Yi and Ms Foo Kai Shi, all 19 years old, had signed a contract with Kinderland and Skool4kidz to start work there after their graduation. They will also be given the opportunity to have their practicum in Kinderland and Skool4kidz centres at the end of their course.


Graduating students attending a presentation by KLCII at Foon Yew High School in August 2017

Ms Tey Jingjin, Ms Chai Min Yi and Ms Foo Kai Shi attending an employment briefing before signing their pre-employment contract with one of Singapore’s preschool Anchor Operator, Skool4Kidz. They will commence employment when they graduate in 2019.

All of them have proclaimed that they love children. They were also attracted by the fact the course will be conducted in Chinese, which was the primary medium of instruction in their high school years, and the diploma is recognized by the Singapore government.

As the first module of the course covers mainly play and activities, such as dancing, art, music, as well as language, they found them most interesting and “not so difficult”.

Shi Ying said she had the opportunity to attend the KLCII mass graduation ceremony in May 2018 and was very inspired by all those who graduated from their courses. She feels very privileged to have this “golden opportunity” to study at KLCII.  She is now looking forward to her own graduation.

Jingjin said the course has helped her to understand the physical and mental development of young children, and the knowledge will be useful to help her in educating and caring for them.

Min Yi said she is happy that she need not worry about finding a job after graduating, as she already has one waiting for her.  She will certainly recommend the course to all her schoolmates and friends.

For Kai Shi, whose siblings all work in the family business, she is glad that she has found something she has a passion for – children. And that she would like to work and support herself, while pursuing other study options in the future.

All of them found their lecturers very experienced, knowledgeable and kind, and their classmates friendly and helpful.

Tey Jingjin, Chai Min Yi and Foo Kai Shi visited Large Child Care Centre Skool4Kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park

A couple of them have the ambition to pursue further studies and start their own childcare centres in the future.