A well-designed learning and care environment for infants and toddlers is one that supports children’s holistic development and learning – challenges their motor skills, stimulates their senses, and fosters their emotional well-being, and the way the caring environment is arranged can make a great difference for both the infants. The environment directly affects educarer-infant relationships, and the relationships between the children in the group.

This course will provide the participants the opportunity to discuss and explore ways to create an empowering learning and caring environment for infants. Discussions will include how to personalise the infant environment in order to respond to their developmental growth, and changing interests and abilities.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Use their understanding of infant development to enable them to design a responsive environment for infants in group care.
2. Set up empowering play spaces for sensorial and movement experiences.
3. Manage changes in the environment for the developing needs of infants.
4. Evaluate effectiveness of the learning and caring environment for infants.

LON Certification Status: L1 , EY1 , EY2

Occupational Title: Infant Educarer (HCIC), Infant/Toddler Educarer, Beginning Educarer, Educarer 1, Educarer 2, Centre Leader, Preschool Teacher


  • 9 Hours (7.5 hours classroom, 1.5 hours online)

Award of Certificate

ECDA Certificate of Attendance upon successful course completion.

$256.80 (Course Fee) | $112.80 [ECDA Funding (Foreigner)] | $40.80 (After Singaporean/PR Funding)

*Fees quoted are inclusive of 7% GST