When you think about outdoor learning experiences for children, it is often associated with a variety of physical activities and interactions with nature. The limited mobility and independence of infants and toddlers have made it challenging for educators to physically engaged these young children outside on a regular basis. However, bringing outdoor learning experiences to infants and toddlers does not always have to be time-consuming or logistically challenging!

Educators have good reason to bring more nature elements inside the classroom and incorporate it with play, learning and with various features of a classroom. This course will invite you to relook at some of the current outdoor learning practices in preschool, and explore ways to create these learning experiences within the classroom by bringing a little bit of nature to the young explorers.

  • Participants will design and facilitate meaningful outdoor learning activities for infants and toddlers in the classroom.
  • Participants will identify strategies of incorporating nature elements in the classroom.
  • Participants will be able to develop a list of resources for bringing outdoor learning indoor.

LON Certification Status: L1, L2, EY1, EY2

The proposed course(s) is recommended for educators working with children aged 2 to 36 months


  • 8 Hours

Award of Certificate

KLC Certificate of Attendance upon successful course completion.