The pre-school landscape is changing. In the face of complexity and competition, private kindergartens are faced with a critical decision to “shape up” or lose its competitive edge and being squeezed out of the pre-school market. This talk addresses the need to change our mindset, challenge our limits and think more productively.

Principals / Centre Leaders


  • 3.5 Hours

Award of Certificate

KLC Certificate of Attendance upon successful course completion.

Susan is an experienced educator and trainer with over 20 years working with young adults, adults and professionals. In her 16.5 years with the Ministry of Education Singapore, she held the appointment of Subject Head of the CCA department, Discipline Teacher cum Honorary Volunteer Special Constabulary (Hon VSC) Senior ofcer and the Senior Teacher of the Staff Professional Development.

Her extensive experience beyond Singapore include leading the Singapore International School in Myanmar and pioneering the teacher training academy. Her greatest achievement was inspiring change in the school system and turning a declining student population situation into an opportunity for growth. She is currently a lecturer of two programme with the National Institute of Education (NIE), namely the Master of Arts and the Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme (PGDE).

Susan holds a Master of Education from the University of Melbourne. She is an ACTA certified trainer, an ACCDF certified career coach, DISC and Workplace Big 5 certified personality profiler, and part of the John Maxwell Team.