Her only experience with children were her cousins and friend’s babies. When Allison Thomson, an American, began thinking about her career she realised that she had a strong connection with children since young. That made her sign up with KLCII for the 10-month WSQ Advanced Certificate in Early Years programme to become an Early Childhood teacher.

Allison Thomson, KLCII – WSQ Advanced Certificate in Early Years student

She came across KLCII while searching on Google and found that it offered a wide range of courses. In particular, she discovered she could apply for a student pass and, hopefully, stay in Singapore to study and pursue her career here. Twenty-three-year -old Allison left Illinois, USA, seven years ago for Singapore to join her Business Development Director father who was working here.

“I’ve loved children since young but never took the opportunity to look at an option where I worked with them daily until now,” said Allison, who has a high school diploma from the University of Nebraska.

Allison, who completed the WSQ course with a practicum at Kinderland preschool in September 2019, said the course was challenging but it has helped her to better understand the needs of young children. Now she, feels more confident about working in the EC sector.

“The lecturers at KLCII are all very knowledgeable and supportive. The staff are also understanding and are willing to help with any questions or problems that the students might have.

“I would recommend my friends to study at KLCII because of the number of courses they offer. It’s easy for students to find attachment centres through KLCII as well. They have everything thought out and you only need show up, do your assignments, and pass the courses,” Allison said.

She plans to go on to work first after getting her certificate. She hopes that in the years to come, she can move on to get her Diploma “as well as take a few courses on understanding and working with special needs children”.