One of the earliest tasks for infants and toddlers is learning to build positive relationships with those around them. Parents, caregivers and other children play a part in contributing to the quality of interactions every child has with people around them. Early years educators are responsible for building respectful and responsive relationships with infants and toddlers to support their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. At the same time, educators need to constantly observe and evaluate the relationships they share with each child to support his/her growth and development better. Educators also need to promote the learning of positive social behaviors for infants and toddlers through positive role modelling, guidance and reflection.

The goal of this course is for educators to learn to conduct an in-depth analysis of interactions with infants and toddlers in the classroom. Educators will learn how to perform step-by-step analyses of problems in the classrooms, and strategies to guide infants’ and toddlers’ behavior by providing personalized support and guidance for individual children. They will also reflect on their current practices and identify areas of improvement to establish better relationships with the infants and toddlers in the classroom, which will help lay a solid foundation for their holistic development.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Analyse and evaluate the quality of interactions among infants and toddlers in the classroom
  2. Provide individualized support and guidance for infants and toddlers through routine care and learning activities
  3. Reflect and develop a plan for positive guidance based on specific behaviours

LON Certification Status: L1, L2, EY1, EY2

The proposed course(s) would be attended by educators working with 3 months to 3 years old age-groups of children


  • 8 Hours

Award of Certificate

KLC Certificate of Attendance upon successful course completion.

$201.65 (Course Fees)

*Fees quoted are inclusive of 9% GST