TGS-2018500744 (Synchronous e-learning)

This module is to broaden or deepen specific skills and knowledge for the team leaders and supervisors. It is designed to cover critical competencies within the Emotional Intelligence (EI) model to train the leaders and supervisors to become much more skilled in managing their teams.

This module is to equip team leaders and supervisors to use EI principles to facilitate an understanding and management of oneself and others in a team. It also includes cultivating a positive emotional culture in the workplace. This EI course will eventually pay huge dividends especially in situations where teams are under stress due to deadlines, demanding clients or intense and unproductive meetings. Understanding EI and mastering the skills involving EI will greatly help the leaders and their teams in difficult situations.

  • Explain the concept of Emotional Intelligence concisely and clearly
  • Recognise own emotional states, the causes of those emotional states and its effects on own and team’s performance and interpersonal relationships at the workplace
  • Conduct self-reflection and gather feedback from team members to identify personal strengths and weaknesses for development of own emotional intelligence
  • Model behaviours that demonstrate application of emotional intelligence
  • Assess emotional states of team members and respond appropriately to emotional cues, taking into consideration the different cultures and background of team members
  • Encourage team members to develop their own emotional intelligence to build positive relationships among one another to achieve team goals
  • Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in dealing with team members and making decisions, taking their emotions into account
  • Provide opportunities for team members to express their thoughts and feelings and assist them in understanding the effects of their behaviour and emotions on others at the workplace
  • Promote a positive emotional climate at the workplace

This course is suitable for company executives or managers, especially those who are responsible for the operation and performance of a team.

LON Certification Status: L1 , L2
Occupational Title: Beginning Preschool Educator, Preschool Educator,Beginning Early Years Educator, Early Years Educator, Senior Early Years Educator, Senior Preschool Educator


  • 16 Hours

Award of Certificate

WSQ Statement of Attainment upon successful course completion.

$310.30(Course Fee) | $107.30 (After Singaporean/PR Funding)

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