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In a globally connected world, customers desire convenience and accessibility through the use of digital platforms, alongside the offline touchpoints. In this course, participants will explore multi-faceted ways to connect with customers and keep them delighted by capitalising on a 360 degree view of customers. They will also consider effective ways to influence the Customer Experience through emotional motivators in customer’s decision-making process to level-up their organisation’s competitiveness.

This course prepares service professionals to lead and participate actively in customer experience innovation. Through classroom learning, participants will reflect on customer journeys and go through a sensoric experience, exploring factors such as music, colours, spatial design etc. that can influence customers’ perceptions and moods.

This course prepares retail or service professionals to lead and participate actively in customer experience innovation. Participants will learn to:

1. Analyse how factors such as digital technology impacts customer experience and service delivery
2. Build positive Customer Experience through a holistic approach that includes physical, digital to informational interactions
3. Study evolving needs gaps and preferences of customers through a handson exercise to map out a customer’s journey for their organisation
4. Implement small-scale experiments for customer experience innovation using lean methods
5. Apply optimisation principles to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness in the customer journey

Managers/Supervisors and Customer Service Teams in the retail sector


Classroom: 13 hours
Assessment: 3 hours
Total: 16 hours

Award of Certificate

Learners will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) e-certificate upon completion of the course.

$695.50 (Course Fee) | $455.50 (Singaporean Citizen/PR) | $110.50 (MCES/SME Funding)

*Fees quoted are inclusive of 7% GST