One of the most challenging aspects of caring for children is deciding upon a style of discipline that is appropriate, effective, and in the best interest of each child.

Guidance and discipline issues are one of the most challenging aspects of any early childhood teacher. Educarers should be more knowledgeable about what contributes to problem behaviours in the setting, and how to work with the child most effectively to promote positive behaviours.

Infants and toddlers engage in challenging behaviours as a way of communicating their needs and wants. Behaviour is children’s language. Educarers should recognize, understand, and develop responses to the different behaviours.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the different discipline styles and its impact on young children
  • Reflect on their own practices in disciplining young children
  • Discover the connection between the classroom environment and the children’s behaviours.
  • Know why children misbehave and explore strategies for managing behaviour in the classroom setting.


  • 7 Hours

Award of Certificate

KLCII Certificate of Attendance for “GUIDING AND MANAGING CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOUR 101 (Part 1- For Children Age 0 to 3 years old)”

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