The use of technology has an important place in the early childhood classroom. With the increasing use of information technology (IT), it has become a part of young children’s lives. Technology is just not about teaching young children the use of computers, rather, the appropriate use of it. Integrating technology in the programme allows enrichment and extension of the curriculum as well as effective home-centre partnerships. I-Pad will be used in this course.

ECDA CPD Framework:
Domain 2: Competency Level 3 Sub-areas A, D
Domain 3: Competency Level 2 Sub-areas A, D
Domain 3: Competency Level 3 Sub-area D

  • Address current issues for teachers, professionals, families and children in accessing to new technologies;
  • Identify approaches to IT use in children’s learning;
  • Utilise IT resources to support children’s reading and writing.

In-service early childhood teachers completed either accredited CIT, CPT or DPT and possess basic computer literacy skills.

(i.e. Microsoft Office, Internet Surfing) OR Individual who work with children using technology.


  • 24 hours

Award of Certificate

WSQ Statement of Attainment upon successful course completion.

Course Fees 50% SSG Funding
Course Fees $513.00 $273.60

All fees stated are inclusive of prevailing GST and are in Singapore dollars.

Course fees are subjected to changes without prior notice.

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