Why Photography?
Photos record, capture and freezes a split second as time passes on. And as you know time is a commodity that no riches in the world is able to buy back once it passed.

Why Mobile Photography?

  • Always with you and able to react quickly
  • Advancement of Technology makes it easier
  • Takes all the settings headache out of the equation
  • Can produce passive income
  • Introduction to mobile photography
    • Understand why do you need to take photos
    • What to capture
    • How to capture
  • Why mobile photography
    • The perks of using mobile phone vs camera
  • Getting to know your mobile camera
    • Basic features
    • Hidden features
  • Basic photography techniques
    • Gripping and Posture
    • Lighting
    • Framing
    • Composition
    • Perspectives
    • Background and distractions
    • When to capture
    • Editing

For preschool teachers who would like to better their photography skills and to use photography as a source for creative visual content at presentation at work.

Duration: 4 hours

Award of Certificate

KLCII certificate of attendance “Mobile Photography overview for Early Childhood Educators”.