The University of Warwick, UK

This 15 month part-time programme upgrades the postgraduate certificate Innovation in Education to a full MA.  Fully taught by Warwick University’s faculty with face-to-face teaching in Singapore and online support, independent learning and research, coupled with the development of specialist subject / thematic resources. The whole process is supported, guided and assessed by Warwick staff, with pastoral support provided by KLC II.

This course is for students looking to pursue a leadership role within an educational organization who wish to develop reflective and critical capabilities alongside the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to a variety of educational leadership challenges.

  • Convey knowledge and understanding of leadership and management in education and training contexts including schools, colleges, and LEAs.
  • Develop the capacity of participants to operate as reflective practitioners.
  • Enable participants to evaluate educational research, select that which is applicable to their present and future roles and to improve their practice in the light of it.
  • Provide additional qualifications for managers and aspiring managers in education and training, and building access to academic and professional doctorates.
  • Informed understanding of concepts, and theories of leadership and management and their relationship
  • Knowledge and understanding of strategy and strategic perspectives in education.
  • Knowledge and understanding of leadership and management of change and improvement in educational organisations.
  • Knowledge and understanding of human resource management in education, its links with strategy, and of the personnel function in educational organisations.
  • Knowledge and understanding of leadership and management as applied to effective, equitable and efficient deployment of resources in education.
  • Knowledge and understanding of factors affecting learner achievement and ways to improve it.
  • Knowledge and understanding of research methods in education.
  • Knowledge, understanding and application of theories and research methods in education.
  • Foundation Research Methods in Education (On-Line)
  • Leading Educational Change & Improvement
  • Dissertation

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Module Course Duration
1 IE9H5 Foundation Research Methods in Education (On-Line) 12 weeks of directed study Online 15 months
2 IE903 Leading Educational Change & Improvement 25 Hours Face to face
3 IE927 Dissertation minimum of 20 hours Face to face/blended learning
  • This course is delivered through blended learning. This is a combination of face to face teaching, online tasks and email support.
  • You will complete two modules and a dissertation over 15 months with the online support of Warwick tutors outside of the classroom.
  • Pre-course study guide will be distributed to students prior to commencement of each module for their preparation.


You will be assessed by summative assignments at the end of the first two modules as well as some formative assessments to maintain progress.  The final piece of work is a 20,000 word dissertation.

Award of Certificate

Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the prestigious Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management by The University of Warwick, UK.

  • Completed the Postgraduate Certification Innovation in Education at KLC International Institute in Singapore.
  • Minimum IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. The applicant may contact the University Postgraduate Admissions Team if the applicant is in any doubt about the suitability of his or her qualifications and experience.

Candidates must submit the following documents upon application:

  • Completed KLCII and Warwick Application Forms
  • Passport size photograph
  • Certified true copies of Educational and Diploma certificate and transcript
  • Non-Refundable application fee
  • Personal Statement (attached to Warwick application form)
Course Fees $19,075.00
Admin Fees $214.00
Total Fees payable $19,289.00

All fees stated are inclusive of prevailing GST and are in Singapore dollars. Students are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $85.60 upon course sign-up.

Course fee will be made payable by installments to be advised prior to commencement of Degree course.

Course fees are inclusive of course handbooks and study materials issued by the University. The costs of recommended textbooks will be borne by students.

Insurance fee of approx $350 will be paid by students.

Course fees are subjected to changes without prior notice. For a full schedule of the miscellaneous fees, please click here.