Unleash the Potential of Children’s Character and Personality Development by :

  • identifying the differences in children’s personality through scientific and structural models;
  • determining the unique features of character development in young children;
  • supporting holistic development of young children’s character and personality through “Thematic Play Activity” based learning.

Recent research studies show that children’s character development has become a pivotal focus and challenge in the field of psychology and education. Personality development plays an important role in raising the quality of early childhood education.

  • Self- awareness, Confidence, Self-help and Independent skills
  • Creativity, Curiosity and Expression of thoughts
  • Sociability, Co-operative spirit, Honesty and Courteousness
  • Empathy, Showing care and concern, Being helpful
  • Task orientation, Responsibility, Persuasiveness
  • Being calm, Self-expressive and Positive self-control

Early Childhood professionals


  • Date: 24 August 2019
  • Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

$85.60 (ASSETS / KLCII Corporate Member / KLCII students)

For registration, please contact Sharon Tan at 6858 9687 or click <here>.

Dr Yang is a lecturer at Liaoning Normal University, Ph.D. supervisor, postdoctoral supervisor and well-known educational psychologist in China. She is also a National Model Worker, a Fellow of the Chinese Psychology Society, top Chinese scientist in promoting developmental psychology, as well as standing committee in the Mental Health Professional Commission of the Chinese Health Information and Big Data Association.

Dr Yang has been doing research on “young children’s personality, societal development and education” for 35 years by comprehensively exploring children’s personality structures, valuation tools, normative data, special developmental characteristics, influencing factors and nurturing techniques in order to construct a development and educational model for Chinese children’s healthy personality development.