The objective of this talk is to help educarers, preschool teachers to better understand why children must sleep and eat well, and be active, to enjoy healthy mental and physical development. Disrupted sleep pattern can cause fatigue in the morning and poor participation in activities and learning performance, and how their children can be up to the mark every day.

Dr Maehashi’s strategy is based on his study and analysis of young children’s living habits in Japan.

Dr Maehashi’s will be highlighting problems related to sleep, eat and exercise faced by children in recent years and what are the solutions available to counter these issues. He will also provide tips on how teachers can conduct effective physical education classes for children.

Other aspects will include guidance for teachers on the development and implement the physical education classes such as environment, class momentum, creating positive atmosphere, movement atmosphere and instilling a sense of motivation and creativity.

Date: 23 August 2019 (Fri)
Time: 2pm – 4pm

For registration, please contact Sharon Tan at 6858 9687 or click <here>.

$85.60 (ASSETS / KLCII Corporate Member / KLCII students)

For registration, please contact Sharon Tan at 6858 9687 or click <here>.

Dr. Akira Maehashi
Dr. Maehashi’ main areas of specialty are the relationship between fatigue and body temperature in children, the daily rhythms of children, and childcare fatigue of parents and childcare support for them. He applies the expertise, knowledge and experience that he has acquired through research activities to actual childcare, nursery education and education for children, and studies the sound growth of children in Asia, while conducting fact-finding surveys across the region to find out about the current health and living realities of local young children, in order to deal with a range of health- and welfare-related problems that they face.