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Course Title Language LON Certification Status
“CODING IN EARLY CHILDHOOD” – Plugged and Unplugged NEW! English Early Childhood professionals
“Task in a Box” Creating Resources for the Learning Corners  (Blended Learning) NEW! English EY1, EY2, L1 & L2 (Infant Educarer to Senior Educarer)
Managing Children’s Behaviour through Positive Guidance  (Blended Learning) NEW! English EY2, L1 & L2 (Beginning Educarer to Senior Lead Teacher)
Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self and Team at the Workplace NEW! English Senior Educarers / Pre-school teachers, Senior Pre-school teachers, Centre Leaders / Lead Teachers, Senior Centre Leaders / Senior Lead Teachers and Pinnacle Leaders
Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self at the Workplace NEW! English Infant/ Toddler Educarer & Beginning Educarer/ Educarer 1 / Beginning Pre-school teacher/ Educarer 2 / Pre-school teacher
Creating a Self-Directed Learning Environment English L2
Observation, Documentation and Assessment in an Infant and Toddler Classroom English L1 , L2 , EY1 , EY2
Empowering Preschool Educators with Effective Communication Skills English L1 , L2 , EY1 , EY2
Harnessing Play through Intentional Teaching English L1 , L2
 WSQ Adopt the Early Years Development Framework English
Course Title Language  LON Certification Status
Choosing the RIGHT Chinese Books and Toys for Pre-Schoolers
Chinese Educarers(EY1,EY2), Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
How to Use Resources Effectively for Chinese Language Education 
Chinese Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Exploring Creativity in Natural Science Through Chinese Language 新!
Chinese Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Using Information Technology in Teaching in a Multi-Lingual Environment
Chinese Educarers(EY1,EY2), Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Using Picture Prompts to Stimulate Thinking and Promote Oral and Aural Chinese Language (CL) Skills
Chinese Pre-school teacher (L2)
Chinese Language Teaching in an Inclusive Preschool Environment
Chinese  Educarers(EY1,EY2), Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Family Education in the Transition from Preschool to Primary School
Chinese  Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Music and Dance through Mandarin Phonics (Hanyu Pinyin) Teaching
Chinese  Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Family Values and Children’s Social Development
Chinese  Educarers(EY1,EY2), Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Education Methods for Children’s Stage Art Performances
Chinese  Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
Children’s Interest in Painting and Calligraphy
Chinese  Pre-school teacher (L1, L2)
WSQ Adopt the Early Years Development Framework
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