The Beijing Normal University (BNU) Singapore Alumni held its first gathering for 2020 supported by KLC International Institute.

Some 50 members attended the event which was held at KLCII Serangoon campus on 18 January 2020, and at the same time celebrated the Lunar New Year of the Rat.

Beijing Normal University (BNU) Singapore alumni group photo at KLC International Institute Serangoon campus

The BNU Singapore Alumni was established in 2008 by Dr Feng Yushan. Dr Feng obtained both her Bachelor and Phd from BNU and is currently President of the Singapore Alumni. KLCII has 637 diploma and degree graduates of Beijing Normal University (BNU) who completed their studies with KLC International Institute (KLCII) since 1995.

Dr Feng Yu Shan, President of BNU Singapore Alumni giving the opening address at the gathering

The gathering provided an excellent opportunity for sharing and exchange of ideas. Dr Chen Shi, Deputy Principal of KLCII, currently the committee member of the BNU Alumni in Beijing. In that year she officially registered all KLCII-BNU graduates with the University’s Faculty of Education Alumni in Beijing. It was the first time overseas graduates of BNU’s early childhood programmes were accepted as alumni of the University in Beijing and advisor of the Singapore Alumni shared her BNU journey.

Alumni members attending the event each received their new BNU alumni membership card and commemorative T-shirt.

The event concluded with a lunch and lo hei to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Dr Chen Shi, KLCII Vice Principal, sharing her experience as a BNU Alumni

KLCII continues to actively support the local BNU alumni in its activities by providing venue for meetings and events.