Each Child is unique and has individual needs and abilities. Educators need to have a sound understanding of behavioural issues that children face and that may affect their teaching and classroom management. This course enables the individual teacher to acquire skills and knowledge to support and keep children constructively engaged in appropriate activities and with peers. Students learn to observe and assess children’s individual needs and apply intervention strategies in partnership with parents and professionals.

ECDA CPD Framework:
Domain 1: Competency Level 2 Sub-areas A, B
Domain 1: Competency Level 3 Sub-areas A, B
Domain 2: Competency Level 2 Sub-areas C, D, E
Domain 2: Competency Level 3 Sub-areas C, D, E
Domain 3: Competency Level 2 Sub-areas B, D
Domain 3: Competency Level 3 Sub-area B, D

  • Address issues in managing challenging behaviours of young children
  • Identify the role of observation and assessment in managing challenging behaviours of young children
  • Develop appropriate intervention plans and strategies to meet the needs of the individual child

Early Childhood Assistant Teachers & teachers with either FCECCE / CIT / CPT / DPT Certificate


  • 30 hours

Award of Certificate

WSQ Statement of Attainment upon successful course completion.

Course Fees 50% SSG Funding
Course Fees $642.00 $342.00

All fees stated are inclusive of prevailing GST and are in Singapore dollars.

Course fees are subjected to changes without prior notice.

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