Intentional Parenting

It has been said that one of our most important contributions to humanity is good parenting. The quality of family relationship has a transformative impact on our children’s lives, shaping future generations and influencing how they parent their own children.  What does it mean to be an intentional parent? Find out more from our micro courses tailored for parents at different life stages of their children.

Workshop I: Connecting With Your Kids

(for Primary School Parents)

Research on parenting teens indicates that the ‘highest parental satisfaction comes from those who are more communicative with their teens’. It will be a challenge to be more communicative with our teens if this relationship is not cultivated from when they are young. This workshop opens our eyes to the importance of parent-child communication and provides practical tips on how to relate with your child in a way that will nurture both the parent-child relationship and the potential in your child. Every child needs a parent who values them enough to help them grow into a happy, confident and resilient person.

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Connecting With Your Kids
Navigating the Teen Years

Workshop 2: Navigating The Teen Years

(Raising Resilient Teens)

Most parents are deeply concerned about their teenager’s future. Intentional preparation increases the chances of your teens succeeding in navigating this increasing challenging world. Your interaction with your children can build them up or tear them down. This well reviewed and interactive seminar is a primer for parenting teens. It provides parents with the helpful information on what teenagers need to build confidence and resilience.

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Workshop 3: The Fathering Difference

This workshop is based on research on the importance of fathering in the social-emotional development of children. The role of a father has never been fully appreciated. In fact has been reduced in the past to mainly bringing food on the table and enforcing discipline. However, the research shows the significant impact fathers have on their children which Is unique. Children need their fathers both as a role model and to be loved by them.

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The Fathering Difference

About the Trainer :

Edwin Choy is a co-founder of Centre for Fathering in Singapore since 2000. He is a Certified Solution Focused Therapist and a Certified Solution Focused Coach with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC).

He has appeared numerous times on radio and spoken at conferences on fathering and parenting. Edwin has developed and conducted numerous fathering and father-child bonding adventure workshops. He has also conducted train-the-trainers for fathering workshops in Singapore and throughout Asia.

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