Join us for our Online e-Course Preview!!


Join us for our Master Programme in Psychology & Counselling Online e-Course Preview!!

*course is delivered fully in mandarin.

Early Childhood Online CPD Programmes Now Available!!


For Programme-related enquiries & enrolment, please continue to contact us as below.

For Local Applicants
Xu Jiao Jiao | 徐老师
6436 3927
Lim Hui Zhen | 林老师
6436 3926
Toh Jia Jing | 杜老师
6436 3931
Zack Lim | 林老师
6436 3929
Career Conversion Programmes
(Singapore Citizen & PR Applicants only)
Lorna Poon | 潘老师
6436 3923
Angie Kwek | 郭老师
6436 3924
International Applicants
May Ooi | 黄老师
6436 3928
Tan Jia En | 陈老师
6436 3930

In The Spotlight

“Preschool education should prepare children in this day and age to grow up with a global outlook, and it is necessary for educators to design the curriculum relevant for their development. ”

Dr Chen Shi
Vice Principal (Chinese Programmes)
KLC International Institute


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