Agent’s Code of Conduct

>Agent’s Code of Conduct
Agent’s Code of Conduct2017-08-16T08:45:35+00:00
  • Agent must not contravene with any expectation stated in the contract
  • Agent must not be engaged in any unethical practice such as making claims, warranties, representations or statements which may be false, untrue, ambiguous, misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent
  • Agent must be aware of relevant Singapore laws or regulations of any government agency and do not go against these laws and regulations
  • Agent must apply principles of fair trading when recruiting students and must not engage in high- pressure sales, “bait & switch” advertising, or similar unfair practices
  • Agent must not be negligent, careless or incompetent such that they compromise the integrity of PEI and Singapore’s reputation
  • Agent must follow the PEI’s procedures and clarify any doubt
  • Agent is not allowed to collect any monies on behalf of PEI except the application fee
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